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January 2011

Who's that girl?? Behind The Scenes of "ENIGMA - Sadeness Part I." video.
January 15, 2011

Kati Tastet

Dear Enigmatics, Since 1990's debut of groundbreaking ENIGMA single, "Sadeness Part I. (from the album MCMXC a.D) There have been many questions and unsolved mysteries around the music video. Celebrating the 20 golden years of the project, is proud to announce that after all these years we are now able to shed light to one of the greatest mysteries.

French Director & Producer Michel Guimbard was kind enough to share some production details with us;

First we would like to introduce him with short bio,

Michel Guimbard started his career in the film industry as a trainee at Premiere Heure, a Paris based advertising production company. He launched the company's post-production department. And he then turned more specifically to editing. He started as a director shooting music promos, one of which (Enigma - Sadeness) was nominated at the MTV awards. He then shortly ventured into fiction ; directed 3 x 52min formats for a children’s program for Canal + (Canaille Peluche) before entering the world of advertising. He directed his first TV commercial in Belgium with Milly Films and have since worked with several French production companies : Frog, Wanda, Telema and Radical Media. Michel Guimbard has directed over 60 commercials and won a Gold Lion at Cannes. Today represented by Premiere Heure; back where he started his career.

''I made Sadeness video clip in 1991. The girl I found for the video was very young (17 years old, way back in then) Her name is Cathy Tastet. (Also known as Kati Tastet, born in Toulouse France on January 01, 1973) After the video, she became an Elite Model in the USA. Director of Photography of the film was Jérôme Robert. I wrote the story of the film. Shooting Ratio of the music video of Sadeness was 1.33 (4:3) "

 The Gate in Sadeness Video inspired from

"The gate in the video was inspired by Auguste Rodin's ''La Porte de l'Enfer'' (The Gates of Hell) The church was actually a model inspired from a Flemish painting exposed in Musée du Louvre, Paris. (Louvre Museum) Production company's name was ''Une de Plus'' who lost money and closed the doors. At that time video was not completed."

 Click HERE to visit Michel Guimbard's official web site

Click here to discuss the "Sadeness Part I. Video" on ENIGMA Forum NEO.

News Source: Enigma News Team (Onur), Our special thanks to Michel Guimbard.

December 2010

Season Greetings from & Enigma's Latest Song ''MMX - The Social Song'' Released
December 22, 2010

Season Greetings with MMX -The Social Song!!

Dearest Enigmaniacs!! We, Team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!!! Hopefully we'll be together again in the next year with the brand new ENIGMA sounds to celebrate all together.

As you know, for the 20th anniversary of ENIGMA's debut, Michael Cretu composed a brand new ENIGMA track with his latest technology mobile studio concept MERLIN. The result is mesmerizing and absolutely capturing all Enigmatic senses with a very modern sound. Of course aptly titled. The song can be downloaded for FREE from the event web page. (See below link)

MMX - The Social Song (04:14)

Music & Lyrics by Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima) / Marcelo Amaral Pontello (Mark Joshua) Jérôme Pringault (J. Spring) / Rasa Veretenceviene (Rasa Serra)

Recorded & Engineered with Merlin Mobile Studio

Produced by Michael Cretu

Published by 1-2-3 Music / Crocodile Music

Cover Artwork Design: Lars Doerwald

Click HERE to download this brand new ENIGMA song for FREE!!

Click here to discuss the "20th Anniversary Social Song Event" on ENIGMA Forum NEO.

News Source: Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn), ENIGMA's Management.

October 2010

Celebrating 20 years of ENIGMA : Create "ENIGMA'S SOCIAL SONG'' together with Michael Cretu!!!
October 05, 2010

ENIGMA's 20th Anniversary

Dear Friends, It has been 20 years since ENIGMA's sensational & groundbreaking debut album MCMXC a.D was released; Until now, we all have enjoyed fans' support, devotion and appreciation from all around the globe.

We must say that we never expected this journey to turn out to be so great. But life proved, yet again, that dreams become reality when you put your heart and mind into something and really "Push the Limits"
Therefore mastermind behind ENIGMA, Michael Cretu would like to thank EVERYONE that ever acquired an ENIGMA album, listened to songs, expressed appreciation of this high quality music or enjoyed this musical experiment in any other way. You are the major success factor behind these 20 years of ENIGMA in the global music arena. We love you for that!

On the eve of this anniversary, Michael Cretu and ENIGMA Management sat down and tried to think of a way to commemorate it in a manner that will involve everyone; You (the fan), Us (the Enigma Team and in particular Michael Cretu) and everyone else that wants to be part of the celebration. So, how can they give back something that allowed Michael making music for such a long time? Well, they think that it's time to let you be part of what made everyone so happy and still does: Creating songs. And this is why Michael wants to create a song with you!

How? This small website ( is set up that will be the center of the song creation process along with other ENIGMA social networks channels. Michael will take the same approach in the song production that he usually does and you will have a chance to input or voice out your preferences along the way. That's why we call it "Social Song".

The whole process will involve 3 steps:

--->Stage 1: The Vocals ; We are looking for vocal talents in the first step. Everyone that sings and has an original track will have the unique chance to submit a video with his/her voice. Then it is up to you only to decide, which melody possesses the potential to be the lead vocal of Enigma's Social Song. Vote on the submissions and choose your favorite vocal track (not the singer itself) the starting point for everything that follows. Based on your choice Michael is creating three different musical versions around the winner vocal take.

--->Stage 2: The Track ; Again it's your turn: You decide, which version you like the most. The overall voting result identifies the basic demo, but we want your input on the music as well. Let us know, which solo instrument you want us to include in the track. Michael will go creative on your favorite sound and work on the final mix.

--->Stage 3: The Final Mix ; In this last stage it's all about the final mix: Your Vocal. Your Track. Your Mix. We will be releasing ENIGMA's Social Song; that you can download and listen to any time and any place you want. This song will be accompanied by a booklet, where every vocal submitter, voter and co-creator of the song that stated his/her will is listed.

In the meantime and after we have created OUR song, you can always visit our channels at Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or YouTube; place a question, share experience and socialize with fans & friends.

Click here to discuss the "20th Anniversary Song Event" on ENIGMA Forum NEO.

Click here for more details & insight to ENIGMA on

News Source: Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn), ENIGMA's Management.

June 2010

Michael Cretu's New Mobile Studio : MERLIN.
June 20, 2010

ENIGMA's brand new studio!

Almost a year working on Michael Cretu's vision of an "all in one computed mobile studio" we finally present MERLIN - the new recording studio of ENIGMA's mastermind. "Merlin is not only a mobile studio, it fits perfectly to the way I am usually working. It can be seen at the intersection between playing, recording and mixing." Michael Cretu says. Similar to the prior "Alchemist" design study studio (which was used on the production of ENIGMA's "A Posteriori" and "Seven Lives Many Faces") Merlin combines the four key parameters of recording in one box: a computed recording environment, a modular hardware concept, a control surface and a surround monitoring system. Michael Cretu will be producing the forthcoming 8th ENIGMA album on this brand new studio concept. Since we all know that Michael loves to experiment with his new tech-toys, MERLIN will be an absolutely efficient and productive playground for the artist. Below is a rough overview of this mobile studio concept.

Computed Recording Environment
Merlin is a high-quality computer-based environment. Standard features include the latest versions of the sequencers Logic Pro and Native Instruments Bundles. It is, of course, possible to create customized solutions or to install additional recording software and hardware.

Modular Hardware Concept
The standard configuration of Merlin includes basic hardware components that can be expanded and upgraded to meet the requirements of the user. Based on a state-of-the-art Mac computer which delivers optimal processing power, all signals from synthesizers and interfaces are fed into Friend-Ship Digital Matrix, where they are processed and then supplied to a RTW Surround Module. A Base management system then translates the signals for the surround monitoring system.

Control Surface
The control surface is based on Euphonix MC Control (middle) and MC Mix (right) enhanced with a custom-designed panel on the left. This section features a program changer that facilitate access to and processing of certain parameters. It complements a modified surround control unit (supporting 7.1 surround) combined with a high-quality realtime-analyzer. Merlin comes with a master keyboard with 88 half weighted keys. br>
Surround Monitoring System
Merlin features one monitoring control unit which offers broad range of production possibilities from stereo production up to surround sound formats (5.1, 6.1 and 7.1). The central control unit for sound monitoring is the Base management device that controls the customized monitors ADAM 6.5 AMC. Based on this system we can also supply small-scale and compact solutions.

Click here to discuss the new studio on ENIGMA Forum NEO.

Click here for more technical details of MERLIN.

Click here for some pictures of this new concept studio

News Source: Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn), ENIGMA's Management.

February 2010

Andru Donalds Live Show in Europe on 6th March 2010!
February 12, 2010

Andru Donalds LIVE

Andru Donalds, the performer/lead vocal of such ENIGMA songs like "Seven Lives", "Boum~Boum", "Je T'aime Till My Dying Day", "Hello & Welcome", "Modern Crusaders", "In The Shadow, In The Light" has been invited to give an exclusive concert in Estonia (Pärnu), dedicated to the International Women's Day.

Andru Donalds with the band will perform his solo worldwide hits; "Mishale", "All Out of Love" & the others LIVE, as well as the brand new songs from his upcoming new album to be released in the summer of 2010.

Andru hasn't forgotten his Enigmatic fans and has prepared some surprises also for them!!!

Click Here for more details on Andru's Facebook Page.

Click Here to discuss this event on Forum NEO

News Source :  Andru Donalds, Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn), Alex Dreamer

November 2009

Enigma Male Lead Vocalist Andru Donalds - Official Page on Facebook
November 27, 2009

Andru Donalds

Dear ENIGMA Fans, you are all welcome to the world of Andru Donalds, the powerful voice behind the song ''Seven Lives''!! Discover his solo records, his voice and how tender and powerful his voice just can be, feel the whole spectrum of emotions thru his piercing vibration & deep soul. As you probably heard before, Michael Cretu produced 2 solo albums for Andru Donalds in Enigmatic style. Their co-operation isn't over, as they'll definitely work together on different projects in the future!!!

We would like to forward a direct message from Andru to you all!! : "My new record will be ready in 2010! And I'm looking forward to be sharing my music with my fans, who I've appreciated for all thease years. The ones who have stuck by me, even when there has been total silence from me! And this is the best from my soul at this moment that I hope u will enjoy!"

By visiting Andru's official profile page, you can listen to his brand new tune ''STOP THE PAIN'' Featuring Tony Rebel (a powerful song by legendary Sly&Robbie)

Andru Donalds Official Facebook Profile Page.

News Source :  Andru Donalds, Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn), Alex Dreamer

November 27, 2009 to be relaunced!

Official English Artist Web Page of ENIGMA, as you know '''' will be re-launched very soon!!! Brand new look of the official web site will feature lots of sections, Synchronized latest News, a dedicated press section, links to well known Enigma fan sites, samples etc.. A new planet in the galaxy of ENIGMA, a new link to refresh our eyes. Keep visiting the pre-launch page as it will open its enigmatic curtains to all fans around the world very soon... We believe you will like what you will see there.

Along with the latest release, also EMI Music Germany's dedicated '''' page is updated and it's now in Platinum Collection art fashion. Also have a look to there as well..

 Click HERE to visit - The Official Artist Page.

Click HERE to visit - The official EMI Page for ENIGMA

News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn)

October 2009

''BREAKING NEWS: "ENIGMA - The Platinum Collection'' Official Press Release, Tracklist and Cover Artwork!
October 12, 2009

Click HERE to see cover of Platinum Collection 3-CD Set.

One month before the 20th anniversary, “The Platinum Collection” of ENIGMA is a look back on one of the most successful musical projects of the last years. With over 50 million records sold worldwide, more than 100 platinum and gold awards and over 50 #1 chart positions, mastermind Michael Cretu is eclipsing twenty years of a musical journey with a 3 CD-Box Set release.

To accompany the compilation of seventeen selected tracks of ENIGMA’s „Greatest Hits“ and a „Remix Collection“ of eleven tracks, is a 3rd CD called “The Lost Ones” which delivers a never before allowed insight into the creative sound laboratory of ENIGMA. “Everything starts with trial and error.” Michael Cretu explains. “Sometimes it’s a sound, then a melody, a harmony or a mood. The “Lost Ones” are my way of instrumental drafts developed from a boiling cauldron full of unordered, naive und carefree musical ideas.”

The mix of well-known worldwide hits and musical drafts collected over the last few years will be released on the 20th of November 2009. (Virgin/EMI Music).


01. Sadeness (Part 1)
02. Mea Culpa (Orthodox Version)
03. Principles of Lust
04. Rivers of Belief
05. Return to Innocence
06. Age of Loneliness
07. Out from the Deep
08. Beyond the Invisible
09. T.N.T. for the Brain
10. Gravity of Love
11. Push the Limits
12. Turn Around
13. Voyageur
14. Boum-Boum
15. Following the Sun
16. Seven Lives
17. La Puerta del Cielo


01. Sadeness (U.S. Violent Mix)
02. Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Mix)
03. Principles of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)
04. Return to Innocence (Long & Alive Version)
05. Age of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix)
06. Out from the Deep (Trance Mix)
07. T.N.T. for the Brain (Midnight Man Mix)
08. Gravity of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix)
09. Push the Limits (ATB Remix)
10. Voyageur (Club Mix)
11. Boum-Boum (Chicane Club Edit)
12. Dreaming of Andromeda (Jean F.Cochois Remix)


01. Lost One
02. Lost Two
03. Lost Three
04. Lost Four
05. Lost Five
06. Lost Six
07. Lost Seven
08. Lost Eight
09. Lost Nine
10. Lost Ten
11. Lost Eleven

Please click HERE to pre-order ENIGMA's ''The Platinum Collection" from

Please click HERE to discuss about ENIGMA's "The Platinum Collection" on our Forum NEO (EMF)

News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn), Crocodile Music Management, EMI/Virgin Music Germany

October 2009

New Release! ''ENIGMA - The Platinum Collection'' 3-CD Set
October 8, 2009

Michael Cretu, Mastermind behind ENIGMA

Dear visitors, members... After the long silence following the seventh album ''Seven Lives Many Faces'', Crocodile Music Management officially confirmed that a new ENIGMA compilation set titled ''ENIGMA : The Platinum Collection'' is planned to be released by EMI Music in late November. Also as per the latest information of EMI Netherlands, this new compilation is set to be released on 23rd November 2009. Coincide with this release, there'll also be another online surprise that we think you will all enjoy. (Just wait and see...)

According to ENIGMA's manager Jürgen Thürnau; Platinum Collection will contain a total of 3 discs, one of them will include previously unreleased ENIGMA material under the title ''Lost Tracks''

CD 1 - The Greatest Hits
Track list : To be announced.
CD 2 - Remixes
Track list : To be announced.
CD 3 - The Lost Ones
Track list : To be announced.

We are still awaiting for the final track list, artwork and more details for the mysterious 3rd disc. As soon as we have additional information we will post here. Furthermore, as usual, will list recommended online store links in order to lead ENIGMA fans to purchase this special set online. So, please keep checking back this news space for more details coming very soon.

PS: For the ones who are highly anticipating and wondering for the next (8th) ENIGMA album, Mr.Thürnau gives hint to tentative plans for the next year, 2010!

News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso), Crocodile Music Management,, EMI Music Netherlands, "Oceano" from EMF and Marcel Hafermalz from Germany

July 2009

....Pulse from
July 18, 2009

Dear Vistors, fans...It's been nearly a year since the last ENIGMA album ''Seven Lives Many Faces'' This stunning seventh installment featured 2 singles and a complete video DVD so far. Following these releases, during the silent period -as usual- we've been receiving lots of e-mails asking what's the next and what's actually happening right now. We can safely confirm that Michael Cretu is working on some new projects (and of course including a brand new ENIGMA album as expected) that will be revealed with details in due time.

Whatever they are, we are 100% sure that this is going to be absolutely exciting for all of us and these will follow the highest quality and standard we're used to hearing from our mastermind and dear Alchemist. As soon as we're able to publish additional information, it will be on this space... Keep watching us for future surprises and breaking news!

News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso)

December 2008

Season Greetings from!!
December 21, 2008

Just another wonderful year has passed by and now we're all heading to the new experiences and mysteries of a brand new year!! and all affiliate sites would like to share happiness and season greetings with our great Enigmatic community all around the world.

Thank you so much for your amazing continued support during 2008 and your elite choice of ENIGMA Music! It's so great that we all have the same great taste and that makes all of us special! And of course, thanks to our dear Michael Cretu for making all of this possible!!! Don't you agree?

As a little gift for 2009, Here's a little bit of treat for your eyes!!
Click play to see the official "Enigma Seven Lives Many Faces DVD" Trailer!

Click here to buy the Enigma 7 DVD!

News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso)

Brand New ENIGMA Discussion Forum Online! Check it out!
December 21, 2008 Forum NEO

While celebrating the new ENIGMA album and the DVD, we re-launched our forum section with new branding as " Forum NEO" (EMF) on November 9th which is absolutely dedicated to premium quality ENIGMA discussion of fans all around the world.

Everyone who registers will receive the news even earlier via our new newsletter mailing list and will always be the first one to know what's going on in the world of ENIGMA.  

We didn't forget the ones who love to post their ENIGMA Top 10 's as well, on the new forum you'll also find a new section where you're able to post your ENIGMA Top 10's and track by track comments.  

Registration is of course free and every ENIGMANIAC is invited to the unique experience of " Forum NEO". If you still haven't seen the new forum portal, it might be the best time to check it out!!

Click Here to visit Forum NEO!

News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso)

October 2008

New ENIGMA Single "The Same Parents" + ENIGMA 7 DVD News
October 26, 2008


According to the latest news from ENIGMA Management, second single from the new ENIGMA album will be ''The Same Parents'' and it will be digitally released on iTunes within few weeks as an autumn/winter single aiming radio airplay. "The Same Parents" features lead vocals of Michael's sons Nikita and Sebastian and here's the story of this chapter from the new album:

"There is a simple, but impressive story behind this song", says Michael Cretu. One day, one of the Cretu sons came to his father after watching news and asked him: "I don't understand: Why people are fighting against each other? Many million years ago there were just one mother and one father. At the end, we are all brothers and sisters." Cretu was really impressed about the simplicity, but also naive profundity of this question, and decided to write a song about it.

More important news is that on 28th November 2008, the brand new DVD of ''Seven Lives Many Faces'' will be released in Germany and worldwide. The new DVD will feature all songs' videos just like E1 DVD. Previously appeared 2 single videos will also be included in this compilation. Furthermore, as a bonus, there'll be audio comments section in German/English and a press pictures package on the release. Wonderful artwork is again done by Dirk Rudolph based on the new album cover but with different colour scheme. No additional details are known at this stage regarding sound mix or videos whether they're completely new or collages. Please keep checking this page for additional details once available.


News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso), EMI Germany, Crocodile Music Management GmbH.

September 2008

ENIGMA New Album Pre-Listening on MTV Sites Around the World!!
September 17, 2008



 Following the highly anticipated sensational official MySpace pre-listening event, (which probably broke an online record by the way) Enigmatic sessions are not over!!! News just arrived from the Enigma Management revealing there will be an additional listening event that will take place on various international MTV sites! This is something so exciting and happening for the very first time in ENIGMA's history. EMI London arranged a synchronized online event and forthcoming stunning new album ‘’Seven Lives Many Faces’’ can be premiered until 22nd September (or until a little later) on the following MTV Network websites around the world as streaming media presentation:

MTV Finland
MTV France
MTV Norway
MTV Netherlands
MTV Turkey
VH1 Poland
VH1 Europe
MTV Israel

News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso), EMI London, Crocodile Music Management GmbH.

Encounters of SEVEN!!! Album Pre-Listening Event on Official MySpace Page : EnigmaPLANET!!
September 10, 2008

EXCLUSIVE!! Blinded by the darkness??? That's the start of SEVEN LIVES!!!! The brand NEW ENIGMA album is so good that short samples can never do it justice.. Therefore Official Enigma MySpace Page EnigmaPLANET features a FULL Pre-Listening event online between the dates of 12th September - 14th September 2008!!! Don't miss this Enigmatic chance to premiere the stunning and brand new ENIGMA album SEVEN LIVES MANY FACES online, one week ahead of the official release, and ahead of everyone. This is an Enigma first for all online fans around the world....You asked for it and they listened!!

Please click the link below to listen to the NEW album online!!
EnigmaPLANET, The Official ENIGMA MySpace Page.

Please click the link below to access to the E-7 Review page:
Enigma 7: Seventh Wonder to Past, Present and the Future!


News Source :  Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso), EMI Germany, Crocodile Music Management GmbH. New Album Review: "E7: Seventh Wonder to Past, Present and the Future"!!!
September 10, 2008

EXCLUSIVE!! Dear visitors, members, EVERYONE!!. Our time has finally come... We know you've all been waiting for this for a long time.. We're very proud to publish our multi-lingual review of the brand new ENIGMA album ''Seven Lives Many Faces'' in conjunction with our affiliate sites and
Unlike the previous reviews, this one is very special for us because it was originally written in Ibiza at old A.R.T. Studios of Michael Cretu, with our mastermind's kind presence. Here's our descriptive seventh experience for your reading pleasure...Have a look before you are transported to your own, unique omni-cultural sound experience with ENIGMA 7.


Please click the link below to access to the E-7 Review page:

Enigma 7: Seventh Wonder to Past, Present and the Future!


News Source :  Onur Tezgeldi, Enigma News Editor.  - Review Page Design by: Alonso Gutiérrez

August 2008

ENIGMA "Seven Lives Many Faces"Album & "La Puerta del Cielo / Seven Lives" Single - Order Links
August 26, 2008

Click to see the E7 cover. The brand new ENIGMA single is already out!. Meanwhile the major release date for the album is getting closer and closer, if you'd like to show your support for ENIGMA on charts, we recommend purchasing the releases from below "only officially counted" links.

Any purchases from below links and also the picture links on will contribute to the charts system and as you can imagine, more sales figures means more videos, more airplay and more promotion/interactivity for ENIGMA all around the world!


La Puerta Del Cielo / Seven Lives Single :


Seven Lives Many Faces Album :


By the way, yet another killer Album review is on the way.. (Track by track and traditionally descriptive) The countdown has started...Clock is ticking...Get Ready! Updates will be posted here as soon as available...

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso )

"La Puerta del Cielo" Video Premiere on iTunes Store Germany!!!
August 26, 2008

Second video from the new ENIGMA album Seven Lives Many Faces is ''"La Puerta del Cielo"'' available for purchase on iTunes Germany store. For the first time, an ENIGMA video is premiered on iTunes. Just like it's predecessor, this 2nd video is in the same fashion of combining never-seen-before footage of previous ENIGMA videos. Selected theme is ''Age of Loneliness'' and ''Return to Innocence'' Like a re-visit to the well known images, this second new video enhances a new dimension to what we've all seen before. For the time being, unfortunately only German iTunes users are able to purchase the video, if things change we'll let you all know.

La Puerta del Cielo Video



News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso ), iTunes Germany

"Seven Lives" Video World Premiere on and STERN.DE
August 26, 2008

Seven Lives
First video from the new ENIGMA album Seven Lives Many Faces is for the lead track ''Seven Lives'' Directed by Thomas Job (who also directed/produced many previous ENIGMA videos) The new video has a very different concept this time.. "Seven Lives" video combines previously unreleased cuts from 2 Enigma videos ''Push The Limits'' and ''Mea Culpa'' Unseen details from past are combined with future sound. New ENIGMA video can be watched by visiting the new official interactive ENIGMASPACE page and the exclusive German media giant partner STERN.DE

Furthermore, keep watching this space for the next video and EPK news!!! (Yes there will be!!!)

Seven Lives<----SEVEN LIVES---> Seven Lives




News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso ), Baloo Music S.A. and EMI Music Germany is RELAUNCHED!
August 26, 2008

Seven Lives
EMI Germany recently re-launched the German-Official web page of New German web page features professionally designed seven lives themed-artwork, news headlines, single samples and soon to be unlocked video and biography sections. Even though these album themed pages are not updated often, it's well worth to visit the page and have a look. Plus there you'll see the brand new press pictures of Michael Cretu taken by Frank Grimm who also took press pictures of Voyageur way back in 2003.


Seven Lives<----MICHAEL CRETU 2008---> Seven Lives



News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso )

Limited Edition Bonus Tracks Revealed!!  Exclusive Premiere of  "Seven Lives" Single Samples!!!
August 01, 2008

Click to see the E7 cover.
New ENIGMA album ''SEVEN LIVES MANY FACES''. will also be released in Limited Edition format with 5 bonus tracks that are not on the regular release. As revealed on the new official site: EnigmaSpace below listed tracks will be on CD-2 of the brand new ENIGMA album. As reported a while ago, the seventh album will be released on 19th September. On the official website you can also premiere the samples of the forthcoming 2-track single as well.. "Seven Lives" is a powerful lead single with a magical sound of modern and classic elements featuring Andru Donalds (who performed as lead vocalist on the last 3 Enigma albums on hits like ''Modern Crusaders, The Screen Behind The Mirror, Boum~Boum, Hello & Welcome etc..) "La Puerta del Cielo" is featuring a haunting vocal on old-school Enigma beats we've all been waiting for.. A classy track reminiscent of early days of ENIGMA. Here's the Limited Edition content :

01 - Encounters
02 - Seven Lives
03 - Touchness
04 - The Same Parents
05 - Fata Morgana*
06 - Hell's Heaven*
07 - La Puerta del Cielo
08 - Distorted Love
09 - Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
10 - Déjà Vu*
11 - Between Generations
12 - The Language of Sound*

01 - Superficial*
02 - We Are Nature
03 - Downtown Silence*
04 - Sunrise*
05 - The Language Of Sound (Slow Edit)*

Featuring vocals of Andru Donalds --- * Instrumental track.


Click HERE to exclusively preview samples of the new single tracks "Seven Lives" and "La Puerta del Cielo"!!


Click HERE to view the discussion thread dedicated to the new album on EMB.

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso ), Tim Carney (Diphthong) from EMB, Baloo Music S.A. and EMI Music Germany

July 2008

New ENIGMA Single ''La Puerta Del Cielo / Seven Lives" released on 08th August 2008. "Seven Lives" will be Olympics 2008 Theme Song in Germany!!
July 24, 2008 - Update July 31 2008

New Enigma Single!
New Enigma Single taken from the forthcoming seventh album will be ''La Puerta Del Cielo / Seven Lives" For the first time ENIGMA is releasing a 2-Track Lead Single to the album. According to EMI Music Germany, first single is scheduled be released on 08th August 2008 in Germany. Single will be available in traditional CD format and also in digital release on iTunes. At this stage, there's no confirmation on a possible video shooting for the single. Furthermore there's no announced remix version for the tracks yet. "Seven Lives"is a dynamic, exciting joint venture of classical and modern elements. String sections of symphonic dimensions and earthy hip-hop beats blend together in a sonic tableau which has not been featured on any other musical canvas before. Starting on 8th August, the German TV channel ARD will use "Seven Lives" as a sonic framework for its broadcasts from the Olympic Games in Peking. By contrast, the second single track, "La Puerta del Cielo", touches the listener after the first bar with the hypnotic voice of an over 60 year old Ibicencan, melting a vocal tradition of many centuries with a haunting melody which captures the listener and refuses to let go. Here's the track listing of the new ENIGMA single from the forthcoming and highly anticipated E7 album.

01 - La Puerta del Cielo - 02 - Seven Lives

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso ), Baloo Music S.A. and EMI Music Germany

June 2008

Brand new ENIGMA album: SEVEN LIVES MANY FACES coming out on 19th September 2008!!!
June 23, 2008 - Update July 14th.

Click to see the cover.
Highly anticipated new ENIGMA album will be titled as ''SEVEN LIVES MANY FACES''. As revealed with the countdown on the official new web site EnigmaSpace, Long term musical project will excite the audience once again with the seventh album on 19th September (As usual, there might be delays/changes on the release date.) The new album will expand the sound catalogue of previous releases and expected to lead a new ''Omnicultural'' wave. Register on the EnigmaSpace site and decode the riddles of the forthcoming album! Furthermore, all registered participants will take part in a drawing and have chance to win an autographed E7 album from Michael Cretu!!..

Everyday a new code was revealed on EnigmaSpace, using the famous Enigma Machine fans decoded song titles. Here's the full track listing of the new ENIGMA album, ''SEVEN LIVES MANY FACES'':

01 - Encounters
02 - Seven Lives
03 - Touchness
04 - The Same Parents
05 - Fata Morgana
06 - Hell's Heaven
07 - La Puerta del Cielo
08 - Distorted Love
09 - Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
10 - Déjà Vu
11 - Between Generations
12 - The Language of Sound


Click HERE to view the discussion thread dedicated to the new album on EMB.

As usual, keep watching this space for all official and confirmed news!

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso ), Baloo Music S.A. and EMI Music Germany

Everyday you’re getting closer...ENIGMA is coming back!
June 05, 2008

The musical project ENIGMA leaves for a gigantic, infinite NEW WORLD: the EnigmaSpace. Follow and feel the link EnigmaSpace , register exclusively to the 7th take-off and be the first of a new era.

It is still a secret, but stay in touch! As revealed; everyday you are getting closer...Get ready for the next JOURNEY!

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso )

April 2008

ENIGMA 7 is on the way!
April 21, 2008

It's about time there should be a movement on the ground... Something's building up in the dark within infinite secrecy... The brand new ENIGMA album is being produced by Michael Cretu, in Ibiza!!

Thank you all for your continued support and interest to the project over the years and this is how Michael thanks us all with the new album.. New album will be the second production of the new mobile studio concept named as ''The Alchemist''. As the production stage is going on with its full speed, there's no officially scheduled release date as of yet and there might be delays as usual. Rather than pronouncing a prediction, our loyal readers will have an idea about the date with the publishing of this brief in reference to past.

Futhermore, official newsletter recipients are highly recommended to join the second questionnaire by EMI Music. Who knows which album will be played exclusively in Ibiza...

Keep watching this space for the latest and official news!! You'll be the first to know!!

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso )

March 2008

Official ENIGMA MySpace Page ''Enigma Planet'' is Online.
March 18, 2008

Enigma Planet
Silence Must Be Heard? Or diamonds will burn?? New Enigmatic waves are floating in the endless universe!! You asked for it and now you got it!! and affiliate sites (EnigmaMusica and collaborated with Enigma's Management and designed the official ENIGMA MySpace page for MySpace members and all fans: ''Enigma Planet''

This is our own planet, our new connection base. We welcome you all to our own moon. Come and see the dark mysteries for yourself!
Read even more about ENIGMA, be a part of the hypnotic kaleidoscope, watch the A Posteriori ARG documentary and follow for more...

Enigma's Official MySpace Profile : Enigma Planet

News Source : Enigma News Team in collaboration with Crocodile Music Management.

December 2007

Season Greetings from!
December 20, 2007

Happy New Year! Management and Enigma Message Board Team would like to wish all of the visitors, loyal members and collaborators SEASONS GREETINGS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thank you for all of your continued support during 2007!!. We wish all the best for the new year and a new album from ENIGMA! Stay tuned for the Enigmatic vibes.

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso )

October 2007

The First Official ENIGMA Questionnaire
October 27, 2007

ENIGMA in the future… A mission in a new world which demands our full power, creativity, and enthusiasm. Only with your loyalty we can make this step. Therefore we need your expressions, ideas, and wishes. teamed up again with Enigma’s management Crocodile Music and now marking yet another interesting & multi dimensional event. Just after the interview with the Alchemist, we have been asked for a turn-around project.. Now Michael and his management would like to ask Enigma fans some questions, they would like to listen to us, our views, thoughts, criticisms…

With the first official online fan questionnaire, they would like to analyze the present, and together have a look in the future. Please feel free to have your say and send your feedback to Crocodile Music Management, to ENIGMA!

Enigma Questionnaire

Click here to submit your feedback to ENIGMA!

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso ) and Crocodile Music Management (Susanne Flug & Jürgen Thürnau)

October 2007 EXCLUSIVE!!: An Enigmatic Encounter with the ALCHEMIST, NOW ONLINE!
October 02, 2007

Michael Cretu, the mastermind behind ENIGMA!Nothing is as powerful as an event whose time has come! We are so proud to present you this breath-taking greatest Enigma fan related event on the web ever! Like a never-ending dream, that was something we all have been waiting for. For the very first time since 1990, the real audience have been given this unique chance of asking their questions to Michael directly. We highly appreciate this kindness and we are all so excited to be a part of this special connection. We hope you’ll all enjoy reading the questions from true and loyal fans and the Enigmatic answers from the master himself. News Team would like to thank everyone who participated in this interview and also Enigma’s Management for making this interview possible. The Global ENIGMA community gathered for the event and those brilliant questions were directly submitted to Michael Cretu, the man behind ENIGMA!


News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur Tezgeldi & Martyn Woolley) and Crocodile Music Management (Susanne Flug & Jürgen Thürnau)

September 2007 EXCLUSIVE!!: AN ENIGMATIC ENCOUNTER WITH THE ALCHEMIST: The First Fan Interview with Cretu, coming soon!
September 19, 2007

Michael Cretu, the mastermind behind ENIGMA!The TIME has finally come! The Greatest mystery revealed!! Dear visitors, members, friends, in short: EVERYONE! Yes you've read the headlines correctly! teamed up with Crocodile Music Management and we are so proud to present you this breath-taking greatest Enigma fan related event on the web ever! We have waited so long to get in touch with the ALCHEMIST and now all our dreams became true! gave you this UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE chance to ask your questions to Michael Cretu, the man behind all of our inspirations, all of our love to this music...

For the past few weeks we have been collecting all the questions from the fans around the world.. There has been a tremendous interest and excitement among the great Enigma fans and we would like to thank everyone who supported us and submitted questions to Michael Cretu. The project is now in the editorial stage and we are planning to forward your questions to him as soon as possible.

Keep checking this space and our forum for the latest developments!

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur Tezgeldi & Martyn Woolley) and Crocodile Music Management (Susanne Flug & Jürgen Thürnau)

August 2007

Ruth Ann's The Longest Love Letter in the World - An Alternative Online Campaign
August 04, 2007

Ruth Ann Ruth Ann's debut solo new album "What About Us?" is digitally released and also being exclusively promoted online. Starting from the 1st of August, all the fans, all the people from all over the world are writing love letters to establish a record! Everybody who is supporting this exciting event by telling 10 or more friends about "The Longest Love Letter in the World" wins a special price!

Click Here to compose the longest love letter!

Moreover; To talk about Ruth Ann and her new album, current campaign the Official Forum has been launched as well;

Click Here to visit the Official Ruth Ann Fan Forum

We hope you'll enjoy all the events! Furthermore keep checking our Special Ruth Ann Page for the forthcoming brand new & shiny photos from Ruth Ann's latest shooting session in the UK!

Click Here to explore our Ruth Ann Special Feature!

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur) and Crocodile Music Management (Susanne Flug & Jürgen Thürnau)

July 2007 Proudly Presents! Ruth Ann Interview 2007 and a dedicated mini-site is ONLINE!
July 12, 2007

Ruth Ann The time has come and we are proud to present our members and visitors this fantastic interview!! Please kindly visit our Ruth Ann Special Page to read the exclusive interview and enjoy more surprises there! The new Cretu produced album is available on iTunes only at this time, but the album is already getting a lot of fan interest. Keep checking the special section for breathtaking forthcoming events and activities with the artist.

Click Here to visit the Ruth Ann SPECIAL Web Site including the INTERVIEW and more!

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn) and Crocodile Music Management (Susanne Flug & Jürgen Thürnau)

June 2007 EXCLUSIVE: Ask Your Questions to RUTH ANN!!!
June 19, 2007

Ruth Ann Dear Visitors, Now take a deep breath and read! teamed up with Crocodile Music Management and here's the unique chance to ask your questions to RUTH ANN! - HURRY UP!!

Coincide with the digital release of Ruth Ann's solo debut album “What About Us”, which is produced by Michael Cretu in Ibiza, gives you an ultra exclusive chance to ask YOUR questions to Ruth Ann, the female vocalist of hit Enigma songs like Gravity of Love, Boum Boum, Silence Must Be Heard, Following The Sun...


Thank you for your submissions, we are now in preparation stage of the interview, all questions submitted are being evaluated and edited to fit the concept of the interview.

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso) and Crocodile Music Management (Jürgen Thürnau)

May 2007

Ruth Ann's First Cretu-produced Solo Album ''What About Us?'' iTunes Release
  May 31, 2007

Finally the waiting is over! The singer Ruth-Ann is digitally releasing her debut album “What About Us”, which is produced by Michael Cretu in Ibiza. About 10 years ago Ruth had a No.1 hit in UK and across Europe as the singer of the group OLIVE with the title "You're not alone", before Cretu invited her to sing on recent ENIGMA albums. (Ruth Ann previously performed on hit Enigma songs like ''Gravity of Love'', ''Boum Boum'', ''Following The Sun'')

From the 4th of June on, Ruth Ann's brand new album can be exclusively downloaded in every iTunes shop worldwide. "What About Us" will be available in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, UK, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden and the USA.

Tracklisting of the ''What About Us?'' album follows as;

01 No Surrender - 02 Go - 03 Drive - 04 What About Us? - 05 You Talk Too Much
06 Beautiful - 07 Dancing Into Hell -08 More Than Ordinary - 09 Letter to Heaven
10 I’d Die for You - 11 The Woman I Could Be - 12 Believe In Me
Click Here to visit the Official Ruth Ann Web Site, listen to the samples and more!
Click Here to read Enigma Fans' feedback on Ruth Ann's solo album on Enigma Message Board

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso), Crocodile Music Management

New Sandra Single ''What Is It About Me''
May 31, 2007

Sandra Sandra's new maxi single ''What Is It About Me'' from the album ''The Art of Love'' has been released on 18th May 2007. It features 5 tracks, 2 of which are multilingual versions of selected tracks from the album. ''What Is It About Me'' also features back-vocals from Kim Sanders and all tracks are produced by ex-Enigma co-producer Jens Gad at GadStudios, Ibiza.

Despite the good release news, unfortunately there won't be a video coincide with the single release as a result of cost cutting strategy of Virgin Music. There are new TV dates for Sandra planned and these are announced on Crocodile Music's web page as well.. Check them out!

Tracklisting of the single follows as:

01. What Is It About Me (Radio Edit)
02. What Is It About Me (Lounge Edit)
03. What D'Ya Think Of Me (Album Version)
04. Les qu'est-ce que c'est (French version of "What's Left To Say?")
05. Silencio A Mi Lado (Spanish Version of ''Silence Beside Me'')

Click Here to visit Virgin Germany's Sandra Page

News Source : Enigma News Team (Onur-Martyn-Alonso) and Crocodile Music Management

March 2007

A Posteriori "Private Lounge Remix" iTunes Release
March 27, 2007

E6 - A Posteriori After a long silence Virgin Germany released the awaited Enigma 6 Remix album "A Posteriori - Private Lounge Remix" on iTunes. Four of these remixes were officially released on iTunes way back in the autumn and these were also available on the A Posteriori DVD as well... Michael Cretu originally stated in a promotional interview that he had intentions to release a limited edition remix album and it is still unconfirmed if these tracks will also be released physically on a CD. Remix collaborators of Private Lounge Remix album are Tocadisco, Boca Junior (aka Wolfgang Filz who previously remixed Hello and Welcome, Turn Around and many more Sandra remixes), Jean F.Cochois, Christian Geller (who also remixed few Sandra songs on Reflections Remix album as well) and Ralf Hildenbeutel. This digital release features 12 tracks excluding Hello and Welcome unlike the master album release... Currently there's no trace or a statement of this mysterious release on Virgin Germany or Crocodile-Music, as Enigmatic as the title of the project, landing like a UFO as always...

Tracklisting of the album follows as:
1- Eppur Si Muove (Tocadisco Remix 2) 6:11
2- Feel Me Heaven (Boca Junior Remix) 6:24
3-Dreaming of Andromeda (Jean F. Cochois Remix) 7:29
4-Dancing With Mephisto (Boca Junior Remix) 5:28
5-Northern Lights (Boca Junior Remix) 5:41
6-Invisible Love (Boca Junior Remix) 5:45
7- Message from IO (Boca Junior Remix) 5:33
8-The Alchemist (Christian Geller Remix) 6:54
9-20.000 Miles Over the Sea (BocaJunior Remix) 7:08
10-Sitting On the Moon (Boca Junior Remix) 5:31
11-The Alchemist (The Alchemist's Vision By Ralf Hildenbeutel) 7:16
12-Goodbye Milky Way (Boca Junior Remix) 5:10

Click here to listen to the samples and purchase the album digitally online from iTunes

News Source: Enigma News Team (Martyn-Onur-Alonso) and Christian Kellermeier  

January 2007

Jens Gad’s new album: ‘’Achillea – Amadas Estrellas’’ Exclusive Review & Discount-on-order Surprise
  January 20, 2007

E6 - A Posteriori

Click on the cover to see
a bigger version.

For his second Achillea album, outstanding producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jens Gad has given this unique project a fascinating new angle by teaming up with a very special vocalist ‘’Luisa Fernandez’’. On the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza, where Danish born Gad has lived for many years, worked on several albums by our beloved multi-platinum act Enigma, and built his own state-of-the-art music studio (GadStudios), the ever-curious and highly creative musician has met a true legend of Spanish pop music: Luisa Fernandez was born in Galicia and came to fame with a series of single hits for Warner Brothers in the disco era. Later she formed a highly successful duo with her husband Peter Kent, creating many pan-European hits in Spanish, most notably ‘’Solo Por Ti’’, an international radio classic.

 With the aid of Luisa Fernandez’ beautiful vocals Jens Gad has given the music of Achillea a surprising new twist:

’We started using Luisa’s Spanish poems and stories and made theme-songs out of them. It was a real thrill to discover the archaic/ethnic depths in Luisa’s voice that she hadn’t explored before’  says Jens.

gadHere are the samples of the new Achillea album featuring Luisa Fernandez: 
Amor Parte I.
El Alma Herida
Amadas Estrellas teamed up with BSC Music and as an exclusive treat to Enigmaniacs, we have this cool surprise for you… You will be able to order the brand new album ahead of the shops and when you order Achillea ‘’Amadas Estrellas’’ via BSC Music, you will receive a special 30% discount exclusive to Enigma fans around the world! What you have to do is; bracket the word "Enigmafan" after your name on BSC Music’s order form. (As you can see in the picture) This offer is valid in between  January 20th, 2007- February, 23rd 2007... Enjoy this specialty & get your album even before the shops! Check out on the mentioned dates!


And dear Enigmatics,  here’s what you’ve been waiting for:
Click here to read the review of Achillea 2.

News Source : Enigma News Team, BSC Music GmbH