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The Cross Of Changes
Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
The Screen Behind The Mirror
A Posteriori

Limited Editions
MCMXC a.D. "The Limited Edition"
MCMXC a.D. With Bonus Disc
The Cross Of Changes Special Edition
Mea Culpa part II Limited Edition CD Collectors Box
Principles Of Lust Special Limited Edition Club Mix
Age Of Loneliness Limited Edition "Greatest Remixes"
The Eyes Of Truth Limited Edition "Singles Collection"
E1 - E2 Australian Promo
New Zealand Box Set
Millennium Prix Special

MCMXC a.D. Japanese Laser Disc
Remember The Future DVD
MCMXC a.D. - The Complete Video on DVD
MCMXC a.D. / Remember The Future Box Set
Sadeness part I
Mea Culpa part II
Principles Of Lust
The Rivers Of Belief

Carly's Song
Return To Innocence
Age Of Loneliness
The Eyes Of Truth
Out From The Deep

Beyond The Invisible
T.N.T. For The Brain

Gravity Of Love
Push The Limits

Turn Around

Following The Sun
Hello & Welcome
In The Beginning...
Love Sensuality Devotion - The Greatest Hits
Love Sensuality Devotion - The Remix Collection
15 Years On Box Set

Press Kits
E3 FMDV CD ROM Interactive Press Kit
E4 Syndicated Interview
Gravity Of Love French Media Kit
Gravity Of Love Australian Media Kit
L.S.D. German Press Kit

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Autographed CD Collection
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This discography is the result of my collaboration with other collectors to document and exhibit as many of the wonderful releases from Enigma as possible. We have researched several countries to collect versions of each release to present to you, the Enigma fan. Without the dedication and perseverance of these loyal Enigma collectors this discography would not be as complete and my gratitude goes out to everyone who has contributed over the years. My sincere thanks to this handful of collectors for sending scans and information from their collections to help make this effort as complete as possible:
Edu and Marijke Schuit
Robert K. Seagle
Roberto Gonzales
Adrian Kemp
Taha A. Al-Douri

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